Links and Resources

I have never claimed to know everything and never will. However when I do set my mind on doing something, I will research and read everything that I possibly can to help me progress from there. As Sir Issaac Newton said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Here is a list of my "giants" and how they have helped me.

Gluten-Free Gobsmacked
A wonderful blog hosted by a Kate, a celiac mom and wife. She has a amazing collection of innovative recipes and ways of living gluten-free.
Gluten-Free Goddess
How can you not go to someone's blog who calls themselves the Gluten-Free Goddess? I was not let down when this was my first stop in my "going gluten-free" research for food prep. Karina has a very comprehensive site ranging from recipes to "How to go Gluten-free" and much more. Her go-to bread recipe is fantastic!
Gluten Free Mommy
Another gluten-free mom just trying to make it in this fast paced world of kid life. She has an amazingly large collection of great recipes, including a cake (OMG, a excellent cake!) recipe that makes my wheat filled cakes cry.
Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef
Shauna write very wittily and comprehensively about her diagnosis of celiac disease and her life with The Chef as well as, of course, amazing recipes and trials on various gluten-free food stuffs. She is currently working on a book, which I can't wait to get my hands on.
Silvana's Kitchen
I have read through a great deal of cook books that are designed for gluten-free, allergen free living, but this one is my VERY favorite so far. In her book "Cooking for Isaiah" she chronicles her decision to go gluten and casein free, the impact it had on her son (who has a gluten and casein intolerance) and how she changed the way she cooks and bakes. So far, this book is my baking bible. I made my son his first gluten-free donuts and I have never seen a smile so big.

More to come.....