Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busy Days and Catching Up

Its been a while since I have been back and McLeod owes an entry here, he swears that he will be visiting soon for the long awaited BAAACON Pancakes, the new breakfast favorite in our house. If it's not a bacon pancake, it's a boring pancake.

I digress....

We are in the midst of an extraordinarily busy and hectic time in our lives right now which has left us slightly neglectful, but not purposefully. McLeod and I, as we have mentioned before are finally getting married at the end of February. So we are in the final month of intense wedding planning, which is... complicated. Its been a while since the first foray into wedding planning and maybe I wasn't that "into" it when I married the first time... perhaps it was the person? I dunno, but this has been something of an ordeal to get planned. Maybe its just weddings in general are insane to plan... why on earth do people do this to themselves? I liken it to water torture... slow and very painful. But I think that is just part of me... I don't really like to go shopping, I dislike showers of any king unless it entails cleaning of the body.

Then there is the fact that kiddo has somewhat, well hit a wall in therapy and such. We are in the process of finding help help stabilize him. But even there we have been running into problem after problem with practices refusing care because he has Medicaid as a secondary insurance, even though they do accept our private insurance. Its ever maddening and pushing me closer to snapping in one of these offices when I can't get my kiddo the help he needs to feel better.

We are in the process of reworking his IEP at school, currently awaiting the evals for a number of specials to see what we can do to get services going at school to help him. Socially, school is an increasing challenge for him, each day seems like another horrible story about some interaction he has had with a kid he hates. We hope that we can get some support for social skills at school for him as well with the IEP revamp.

He has been so moody and difficult, but we have really been trying our hardest. Fore instances, we thought the Pinewood Derby would be a great time, tons of family fun! Yes! .... or no. Well, he had been talking about it for about a month and then we started to work on the car and he quickly lost interest. McLeod and I finished the car and we were ready to go by race time. In the morning we were ready to go and kiddo was excited. But when the races started and he didn't win each race he started to fall apart, meltdown time started up and by the time we left he was full blown meltdown. It was bad. I really wanted to not be angry about it all, but the car was really nice even if it didn't win all the races. All the other boys, wether they won or lost were having a great time and I was trying my hardest to remind myself that kiddo is not like each and every one of those boys, he is kiddo.

To just keep things interesting, and keep Mom on her toes, kiddo's feeding tube was removed- YAY!!!! It had been 8 years in the making! I will be writing up a more detailed entry about eating and diet about how we got here, but about this week- complications? Yes, the hole, 80% of the time heals up right on its own within 24-48 hours. Wouldn't ya know that kiddo would fall into the 20%. So we are now on a wait to get him scheduled for surgery to have the hole closed, UGH! He is miserably unhappy about it and in the meantime the hole leaks every time he eats or drinks. It sucks.

So that is what is going on!

Tomorrow.... CREPES!!!

....then... yes, Girl Scout Cookie copycats!!!

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