Monday, March 19, 2012

MacLeod does it badass

Remember that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean where Captain Jack tips his hat to the obvious dangers that he faced ahead of him? Did he turn his leaky little sail boat back? Did he have a nervous quiver? Nope. He just kept on going because, well Jack Sparrow is badass and so is MacLeod.

After a rather rough marriage (understatement of the year), I had no delusions that my life would probably be spent alone with my kiddos. I dated here and there but when it really came down to it, the guys made it abundantly clear that I was not a long term option because of my “baggage” as one “gentleman” called it. But if a guy (not man) was not big enough or grown up enough to be able to love me AND my baggage, then he certainly was not the person for us.
Interestingly enough, a co-worker also told me that I was trying entirely too hard to find a man and that I had probably already met the person I was supposed to spend my life with. How true he was! I met MacLeod when I was in middle school and we lived nearly parallel lives two blocks away from each other through middle school and high school. We both became unhappily married with two kids, the exact same ages. Then we both divorced and, (haha!) joined Facebook.

When we started going out (after reconnecting on Facebook), I was unsure that I could date a guy who was as nice and kind as MacLeod was. I felt that I had figured out that there was no man on this earth who would want to take on a single mom of two kids, one with Asperger’s Syndrome and a feeding tube. So I was totally and completely honest with him… on our first date. And folks, that crazy pirate came back for more.

Since that first date we never looked back, even though I showed him the door over and over thinking that he would definitely take the easy way out. He never even considered it, I thank God for that. It took time, but I realized that there are real men still out there to be had. Of course though, the most important thing is that my kiddo fell in love with him too.

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