Friday, March 16, 2012

Pirates ye be warned!

Remember that scene from "Pirates of the Caribbean"? The one where Witty Captain Jack sail's past those pirate corpses left as a sign? Yeah, that was almost what kiddo's mom did to make sure it was abundantly clear what I was getting myself into.
On our first few dates, she told me all about what to expect, and gave me my chance to run off. Instead, since I am kinda hard headed, I studied up on what Aspergers was. I had not heard of it before and I only knew about low functioning autism. So needless to say, I found that this child that had this thing called Aspergers was an incredibly bright and inquisitive fellow but at times doubted his own abilities. I initially observed him and how he reacted to people and situations, I got to see screaming,door slamming,toy throwing aspie-meltdowns and how wearing certain clothes and eating certain foods affected his sensory issues (He asked if my car was really old because it was loud, ha!) . Several more times I was given the open door to run away...but still I stayed!
A few months later I got to introduce my kids into the equation, now my son can be loud and touchy, things that don't go well with kiddo, but we got through and they all seemed to enjoy themselves, especially since they are all so close in age.
Now here we are a little over a year later, and loving every minute of it! Still I keep an open mind and am quite surprised about how the GFCF diet is helping. I have seen him progressively gain weight and his demeanor improve. I have also been surprised about how GFCF can actually be good tasting, nothing like those bricks of bread in the stores...

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