Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Wild Wonderful Aspie Brain

Or what scares off lesser men....
      Have you looked into the mind of an aspie kid? It's is a wild and wonderful world. Kinda like the African safari with giant man eating lions watching your every move. They can smell your fear, taste that bead of sweat on your brow. Let your guard down just once and it will pounce on you and violently rip you to shreds....ok so that's not exactly what an aspie mind is like, but if you're not prepared for it, you won't last very long.
                They ask questions...lots of questions...lots and lots of questions about EVERYTHING! In my time with kiddo, I have decided Aspergers is not so much a problem like the underpowered worn out early 80's station wagon that your mom used to drive, but instead it is a supercharged 1960's gasser, a rabid street  machine trying it's hardest to tear away from a stop, blazing the tires for several city blocks. The thing is, though you have to feed it premium and know how to handle it and tune it. Many people get scared away from just the thought of that. Kiddo is just like that, he wants to know about everything that is going on, he wants to know how it works, what will happen if you do this or that.
                His brain...like a sponge soaks up all the information you give it. Some things he holds onto more so than others, like science, insects, and engineering. It may seem like he didn't pick up on it...but then a few days later he is spouting it off like he has the book in front of him, and you're sitting there trying to find your jaw on the floor. Just watch him build those Legos, he goes by the instructions once and after that builds whatever comes into that brain of his. Ridley Scott dreams of space ships like this, and he makes 6 different kinds out of the same Legos that came in the box. He doesn't hold back on other things either, bits of paper, magnets, even those twist ties from the loafs of bread. Point is I am at a loss as why someone would think of this as a "problem".
This is why I will use his fantastic brain. (insert maniacal laugh here) as...wait for it....an engine builder!
His ability would provide me with perfectly built engines. When I was an automotive machinist way back when, we would have a second person look over our build to make sure we didn't miss anything. No need with kiddo, I'll have him look over my builds, and we will dominate the race world with our motors!

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  1. what a Lovely read. If only the rest of the world could open their minds and see as for all it's strengths instead of a problem that needs solving.